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At First Place Campaigns we create ballot access. In the United States, ballot access refers to the rules and procedures regulating the conditions under which a candidatepolitical party, or ballot measure is entitled to appear on voters' ballots. As the nation's election process is decentralized by Article I, Section 4, of the United States Constitution, ballot access laws are established and enforced by the states. As a result, ballot access processes may vary from one state to another. State access requirements for candidates generally pertain to personal qualities of a candidate, such as: minimum ageresidencycitizenship, and being a qualified voter. Additionally, many states require prospective candidates to collect a specified number of qualified voters' signatures on petitions of support and mandate the payment of filing fees before granting access; ballot measures are similarly regulated (as is the wording and format of petitions as well). Each state also regulates how political parties qualify for automatic ballot access, and how those minor parties that do not can. Fundamental to democracy, topics related to ballot access are the subject of considerable debate in the United States.


In order to get on the ballot, a candidatepolitical party, or ballot measure must meet a variety of requirements. The Elections Clause in Article I of the Constitution states that "the Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each state by the Legislature thereof." Consequently, each state may design its own unique criteria for ballot access. The United States is one of the very few nations that does not have uniform federal ballot access laws.


At First Place Campaigns we take political management seriously. Political management is a broad and ever evolving field encompassing a number of activities in professional politics. The field includes campaign management and consulting, advertisement creation/ purchasing, grass roots politics, opposition research, issue advocacy, lobbying, fundraising, and polling. Some consider political management to be an applied form of political science.


At First Place Campaigns we know field promotion is the face of a political campaign. Organizers interact with a diverse range of people, build a strong volunteer base and take part in various events and meetings representing your campaign. Field organizers are grassroots consultants who unify people around a common goal and work to make it a reality. They are to find, train, and schedule volunteers, and depending on the size of the campaign, they oversee workers within a region or state.


At First Place Campaigns, we have taken the steps to make notary services accessible to any campaign. Unlike an in-office or remote notary, a mobile is a notary public who travels to meet clients in-person.


At First Place Campaigns we know that all campaigns are different, and have in house processes that need to be supplemented. Making sure your staff is trained properly is important. We offer training in petition circulators, field organizers, and notary services to assist in team building.


At First Place Campaigns, we have a vast number of resources, and can assist you with additional support.

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